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Equestrian fencing
Stock proof fencing
Rabbit Proof Fencing
Electric fencing
Deer proof fencing
Post & Rail
Animal enclosures
Clipex fencing
Agricultural fencing

Fencing solutions


Agricultural fencing

Whether it’s a simple project, repair or your whole farm needs re-fencing you can be sure our dedicated team have the skills and expertise to deliver the results you want. We pride ourselves on providing a quality service at competitive prices.

Fencing available includes:

  • Stock fencing

  • Post & rail

  • Barbed wire and smooth wire

  • Electric fencing

  • Clipex

  • Rabbit proof

  • Deer fencing

  • Animal enclosures


Equestrian fencing

If you are looking to keep your horses safe in the field or need an outdoor arena finished off with post and rail we offer a number of different solutions including the half-moon style rail which will eliminate the risk of damage to any animal that brushes against it. This style of fencing can be fitted with either the standard 2 or 3 rails per bay or where extra strength is required we can supply and fit 4 rails per bay.




Other types of fencing 

We supply and install many other types of fencing, so whether you want to keep pests out or pets in we have a solution to fit your requirements. 


Keep pests out with Rabbit-proof fencing which offers protection against damage to crops by rabbits.

We can also supply and install an 8' high fence which is considered pretty much deer-proof and is tall enough to prevent even a frightened deer from jumping it.

And if it's a safe space for keeping pets in we can supply and install secure animal enclosures including dog exercise areas with extra high fencing and gates to keep the most determined escape artist safe whilst allowing them to run and play free from danger.

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